Friday, October 18, 2013

Tricks or treat?

What would an artist's workplace be without a little sense of humor? If you don't see much work being posted I'm blaming the mascot. You see this time of year keeps me so busy that I find my muse has her hands tied... err- something like that. Some call it trick or treat but while 3 of my shows close at the end of October another will open in mid November. Treat yourself to a little shopping in the harbor.... before the other holidays- last show of the year!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I spy...coast to coast

Coffee drive through
lighthouse Washington

So I was heading towards deception pass from La Connor (out in the tulip capitol farmlands of Skaggit county) when I came across this corner coffee drive through at a light between farmer John's 50 acres and brother Jim's 100 or so acres. It was the only light for miles and perhaps the last stop for gas until you hit the small town. Apparently filling up the car's tank isn't the only octane those country folks stop for.
Car Wash Lighthouse in Florida
   I believe this is the most comical non lighthouse I have ever found. While seeking out a Starbucks in Florida my GPS took me to a home depot... never could trust those navigators and their "recalculating". I asked some pedestrian's if they could guide me accordingly to which they guided me through the strip mall and low and behold... I found a lighthouse! Eventually I made it to Starbucks but as I always say, "Sometimes it's not the destination that matters so much as it is the journey getting there.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I spy... with my big fresnel lens

Fresnel lens housed in
Muckelteo's Lighthouse.
As many people could conclude by now, I fancy painting lighthouses. They are the one thing that I will go out of my way to seek when given the oppertunity. It all began with an imitation lighthouse in my home town. So cute... so small... so-- what? It's not a real lighthouse? Nope the happy harbor to which I reside has a "time capsule" with a blinking light and a sign reminding all those ships that enter to slow em on down. Too funny! So in my quest to find real lighthouses, I have encountered many a structure that neither housed a fresnel lens nor (in some cases) ever graced an ocean's side. Here are a few of those such frauds... but fun to look at.
Time Capsule Lighthouse
Gig Harbor
    This is the said time capsule at the mouth of Gig Harbor... all 15 feet high of the lil guy. Yes he does have a little red flashing light on top. In order to raise money for him folks bought capsules in 1988 to locked away stuff that would be reopened in 25 years. I think since the lighthouse was dedicated in '89 then the capsules should be revealed next year.
I have painted this lighthouse 6 times and 3 of them have sold thus far. As small as the little guy is, it is quite the sight with Mount Ranier standing tall behind him.

Friday, October 11, 2013

If at first you don't succeed, shine, shine again!

Chinese lantern study 6x8 oil on canvas
   Inspired by a new addition to my organic model choices, I was gifted a Chinese Lantern plant of which I was wowed by the color of the fully bloomed plant. After 3 days of awe, I decided to take a break from my sunflowers and try a portrait of the brightly colored plant. My colors weren't quite in the pocket but I decided an orange glaze (after the study dried) would put me in the ballpark for representation. Then I got to thinking...
Chinese lantern study#2 11x14 oil on linen

...What about that new collection of color choices on my list for my workshop next week? It had a cadmium orange that I was sure with a little cad yellow lemon might just do the trick. So I experimented around with this new palette of what I would call more warmer colors in order to acquaint myself with the new collection before the workshop. Though dramatically different studies, I did get closer to desired color without having to glaze.- G.A. shining on.