Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amusing muse

A funny thing happened in the studio one day...In the mornings I work from short poses with models which only last 3-6 hours (1 or 2 half days). Often times they are standing poses with the usual contrapposto style. The models usually demonstrate a few choices they are comfortable with and we go from there. One morning Christophe came into studio and began to toss small wads of paper about the model stand. He asked for a box, pulled out a pad and plume and took position for what he called "Writing the final chapter". The next day he did a 2 day pose wearing a tutu and mimicking that he was taking a puff off a cigarrette he called it "Degas' nightmare". You gotta love a model with imagination! -Gypsie artist returning to the easel

Monday, November 2, 2009

Post halloween

Greetings fellow creative enthusiasts,

October brought a new and different chapter in art for this traveler. I managed to stay in one city for most of the month but still out of my element. Anyway for free time I'm drawing skullys and doing apple studies... not epic work but very macabre. Trick or treat? G.A. back to work