Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Once upon" in orange


Ordinary orange tulips 12x12 oil
 In a mischievous corner of my studio, there once was a group of ornery orange flowers that had issues with their blue background. They seemed like ordinary fresh cut tulips posing in position but as soon as I went to break for a quick bite the flowers decided to be naughty. When I returned they had bowed to half their height and turned 30-45 degrees in all different directions. What I had painted was unrecognizable to what was now facing me so I abandoned the study. I have painted tulips before and never had so much problems. Needless to say the next study was a Daisy... also in orange.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tharrr' be pirates in the darrrk!

"Gordon" 12x12 charcoal
Last weeks outing took me to The Wine Studio where I had the pleasure of working with a willing victim named "Gordon" dressed in pirate attire. With the sun returning there was a most enjoyable setting sun on the models face for a pose. It was so beautiful I regretted not having a camera... even if I don't work from photos. By the 3rd pose the natural light faded, the clamp lamp changed everything and I was left struggling in a dark bar that became crowded and loud. Such is the "Yarn of "Aaaaarrrrrrgh!!!"

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Antiques on Broadway

streetclock on broadway 6x9 wc
My last outing was down Broadway where I got caught in the rain. Originally I was visiting an antique store to do a little watercolor study of some items in the shop. I did said study but was drawn more to the architecture of the area with the corner wedged ( think flat iron building) Tully's coffee shop which is probably why my watercolor study was not satisfactory. In the theater district the parking is limited to 2 hours so I had to move the car before I was done meeting people so by the time I was ready to go I still had 20 minutes left on the meter. Rather than stray in the rain (a sure way to loose track of time and get a ticket) to do another quick study, I looked up to find one of my favorite subjects- street clocks so I backed up my car 2 spaces and rode out the clock on my already bought parking permit to do this quick study.