Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A table for two... with a view!

   I am currently finishing a painting for a client who owns a resteraunt called The Boat Shed. While the outter deck is right over the water with a 180 view of the Bremerton waterfront, it was the owner's whimsical decor of these fantastic colored doors I took a fancy to for this painting "Table for Two" 9x12.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Piering out

   From beneath the old ferry landing there are few times you can paint from this spot as it is usually covered by the ocean tides. Being my 3rd painting of Gig Harbor's lighthouse (out of 4 thus far) I thought it interesting to attempt something really different.- G.A. out, but keeping my feet dry.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Just a fool in the rain

Last weekend was the garden tour where I had the pleasure of painting before more than 1300 people at a local garden. It was 2 days of clouds with intermediate rain the 1st day. While most people would abandon such inconviences to paint, I stuck it out to be rewarded with witnessing 100s of smiles from the ticket holders experiencing what I named "the cracker jacks effect" . As they approached the dutch door to peek inside, this whimsical playhouse shared the hidden prize- a moment of magic from the garden owners past staging a teddy bear tea party scene tucked warm and cozy for adults to recollect thier children or childhoods. And the painting I made wasn't too bad for a day most would consider to be a wash out. -G.A. experiencing the silver lining of a day filled with grey clouds.