Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Asia Pacific Culture Center's New Year's Celebration

   This week I went to a new years party. There was a parade, music, dancing and many oppertunities for an artist to sketch a very vividy colored variety of unfamiliar things like traditional costumes and instruments. As was mentioned in the opening, "It was stormy outside but once I came indoors and became part of the event it was sunny and warm."
komono- watercolor study 6x9

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yellow Rose Portrait (working in series)

yellow rose study oil on paper 12x12
I am experimenting working in series with flower portraits in a square format. I did a few oil studies on paper this month with an emphasis on yellow subjects. What I learned... it is tricky to mix the shadowy side of yellow (Greenish? Grey? Blue? Brownish?) but even trickier when the light comes through the petals. Furthermore while roses slowly open during their session, daffodils crumple and darken toward a more warm yellow in the light and daisies raise and (mainly) lower their petals with no logical pattern to predict and paint and they dance quickly.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Destination Harley Davidson- Fife

oil study in progress 9x12

My travels took me to Destination Harley Davidson this week to sketch then I returned to do a paint study in oils the day after the superbowl. The music was great (classic rock) and the cafe made me a very tasty roast beef sandwich for lunch. Special thanks to PT (previous owner) and Matt (sales associate who gave me permission) and of course the bike that inspired me.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hawk Fever in Fife

"The Hawk Hog" watercolor study 6x6
In my travels yesterday, I went to Harley Davidson store in Fife where I came across an extrordinary oppertunity to witness a functional "work of art" and combind efforts to do good in the community. For full story go to: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Built-Motorcycles-Other-Seattle-Seahawks-Official-Theme-Motorcycle-Auction-for-Charity-/121262394884?forcerrptr=true&hash=item1c3bcd4e04&item=121262394884&pt=US_motorcycles#ht_3993wt_1105 Although I didn't know much more then that this motorcycle was being auctioned off on Superbowl Sunday, I did take an hour to sit on the floor and do a watercolor study right there on site. The more I observed and appreciated the motorcycle, the more I wanted to spend more time with it but having my Superbowl supplies (Blue Max Meat's "Beast Mode" sausage) waiting in the truck with ice packs and 3 more stops along the way, I was only able to do the small study. Being an artist that works from life (not even carrying a camera that day) I asked if I may return Monday to do a painting of the bike and was told if it wasn't being crated for shipping then I could come so like the Seahawks, I got a 50/50 chance. If nothing else was a fantastic oppertunity to spend an hour with this incredible creation. Go Hawks!