Thursday, February 25, 2010

Theories in sarcasm

Greetings fellow art enthusiasts,

Thanks for taking time out of your precious lives to share a few artish things here at the gypsyartist blog. (Can you tell I just found my audience?) In light of this new discovery I thought I would share a new genre of my art that some of you may not be privy too... my sarcastic side. Allow me to introduce my graphic/comic side. I do pen and ink cells as a reflection of my life (in most cases) but since this is a public forum I will keep this entry as generic as possible... with that I introduce 2 cells. "Humpty was pushed" and "Humpty on crack". If nothing else I hope it curls those wicked corners of your mouth that allows you to sympathize with the funky logic I so clearly believe needs a devil's advocate. Enjoy! G.A, back out to the driven slush!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Clay verses plastic

Soon to start week 4 of the Ecoche', I thought it helpfull to enlighten some of you non techy types as to what this strange ritual might be. Imagine that you are building the human body... from the inside out! Yes weeks sculpting an oil base clay over a wire armature to create an anatomically correct skeleton- one bone at a time. Then think about creating the precise shapes of each muscle as you attach them to these bones. Yes we are learning all the names as well as the origin and insertion of all muscles. For somebody who has not had thier nose in an anatomy book, this is all latin... no really most of the names are latin, and the study is intense and exhausting to learn all of this but also to switch tracks from 2-D to 3-D artwork. Anyway here is my sculpture facing the skeleton... clay verses plastic. Enjoy!