Friday, February 15, 2013

Meanwhile, in the real world...

"Dorothy" -12"x12" charcoal on paper
   Although I'm still playing with "the mess" of abstractions, I had the pleasure of working from a model this afternoon. In this 90 minute session, I felt I was just starting to get warmed up before it was all over. - G.A. with a heavey sigh.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What the -?

Lily2 on collage mixed media 4x5.5
   Okay I'm just as baffled about where this piece came from (aside from my studio) but it is my journey to trial and prototype on this forum so... consider yourselves tested!!! In this magical forum, this realist artist has gone off the deep end and is completely out of any element to reinvent myself. Don't worry, I will retain my sensible, more straightforward, endeavors in art but once in a while you just gotta reach out there and see what or why you are steered in a different direction. G.A.- fearlessly putting it out there for art's sake.