Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Johnny's Dock not what I expected

Wine sifter at Johnny's Dock 7x9 watercolor
   So I go to this restaurant thinking 'burgers, fries... laid back joint to grab a bite and sketch'. When I go in I discover it is waterfront wall of glass surrounding the entire dining room with formally dressed tables which all have different bottles of wine at each table- a great place for a rainy day sketch outing. So with all this overwhelming detail out the windows (I only have 2 hours to sketch) I turn inward to the open kitchen portion with stoves, vent-a-hood and their "Best of..." paraphernalia beside the fantastic wine pouring contraption. Although I could not exactly get that nice high contrast glass feel on this study, it was fun to play with the shape.

Portrait in color...beyond trois crayon!

"Jerimiah" 12x12 conte'
   This portrait was my effort to try something more than the conte' sticks. It can be difficult to get detail with the conte' sticks unless you waste them down to produce an edge or just randomly make marks of less precision by the squared stick's side edge. Yet I was gifted conte' pencils and actually tried them after chunking in the mass and was pleased with the results.The best part is the model with his "pony bun" looking like a samurai soldier with the Asian writing in the background which was not planned at all.

Venturing out to Meeker Mansion...100th post!

Meeker Mansion's Kitchen 7x9 watercolor study
   Traveling to Puyallup bought about a fine place to sketch as I joined about 25 other artists in rendering the historical home known as Meeker Mansion. It seems right since this is my 100th entry, to make it an antique (100+) place. We were allowed free reign on two of the three floors to sketch what we liked so of course I had to go to the edge and find a place where the sign reads "no entrance". After the efforts and a spot of lunch I went wandering the antique shops of Puyallup, or as I call it "prop shopping" for my still life set ups. I scored on finding an Aladdin's lamp for a reasonable price and brought him home.