Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An I for the eye

It has been an intense summer that I mark with printmaking and road trips. After completing 25 wood and lino blocks in the last 3 months, my 1st book of proofs (a 3 year project) is finished. I have already cut 25 pieces for the next book which I plan to theme as miniitures (4"x5" as the largest). I hope to acheive 50 proofs in a year. To balance the scales, drawing and painting goes to a larger size begining with 24"x "36", more than 2x the size I painted last year... stay tuned!
After visiting lighthouse # 9 this summer on record breaking heatwave, with a short tide table schedual down a 5 mile spit, I have determining that there will be one more road trip of the season before returning to studio. Poor weather is predicted for the weekend on the coast, it may proove to be a hopeless effort for lighthouse painting... but often the reward is not the painting but more the adventure. -G.A. packing that long sleeved white shirt and hat one more time.