Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have Mercy

Greetings art enthusiasts,

It has been 6 weeks or more since I have been in class and now... here I am. As humbling as it is, it only seems right that I begin with a drawing from class. If nothing else this drawing (of lesser quality) will make me work harder to replace/erase the image I am about to submit with a better image. But for now I share with you... Janus's David! G.A- back to work!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It has been a while since last I posted... the end of my Art Student's League summer with Michael Grimaldi. I ended up going back to Washington for a while until I could get a place to live in NYC to begin my studies at Janus School of Collaborative Art. I did manage to paint a few humbling studies between packing. I did 2 alla prima 30 minute sketches of my pumkin from the garden... argh. Then I faced my garage monster and battled it out with a still life I set up over a year ago. Unfortunatly in my haste I did not get photos of the final painting pass but if able to "make do" I share panel #1 of a 5-7 part series. In the image I am including the poster study above because I thought it was ...cute.