Friday, April 10, 2015

3D project to be auctioned Summer 2015

"Owl (I'll) go with the flow"
 48" wood, acrylic, molding paste,
leather, glass
The owl paddle is completed and soon to be on display in Gig Harbor this spring. It goes to auction at the Yacht club this June around the time of the Maritime Festival. The sculpture depicts the facial feathers of the great grey owl floating down the stream as the owl's head looms overhead.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sketchbook Project Wanders to New York

"Artist's Tools"
8x10 pen & ink
   Here is a drawing from the narrative creation project that I recently completed for the sketchbook project. Although the story begins in pen and ink, it travels through many different mediums both in black and white and color across 32 pages of funky fun... you know how my artwork can be! Even though the book will reside in Brooklyn's library, the worlds largest sketchbook collection, they will also be digitalizing the images and put online for your viewing pleasure... more info to follow. For now I leave you with a teaser... the artwork of page one. Enjoy!