Saturday, May 15, 2010

More is not always better

After just finishing 2 longer poses I was assessing the month's work. 8 pieces done in a one time effort which amounts to a little less than 2.5 hours per piece, one drawing done in about 25 hours and a painting I restarted and rushed through in about 30 hours. My favorites are the shorter works even though they are less developed. It seems my accuracy was better... didn't have the time to recall all of my old bad habits I suspect. G.A. taking a deep breath and gliding to the finish line.

Monday, May 3, 2010

If at 1st you don't succeed...

Welcome to the multiple model!

I have never been one to do an abundance of preliminary drawings or rough drafts when it comes to art making.

Yet last month I found myself doing 5 color studies of the model. They would start out as poster studies until I would loose sight of the "game plan" and end up with a "not quite right" mini study of the model. Seeing quality in the study I simply began again until I ended up with four 6x5 paintings and one 2.5x3 ATC... what the heck right? I won't mention the 2 composition studies, the value study, the seperate hand study and finally the grisallie. Anyway I think it is a good thing to rethink the revisiting of a subject in frequency when you are really trying to understand your efforts and study something from all angles. G.A.- happy to have a new model... no offense J.