Friday, May 23, 2014

Port Townsend- another day another lighthouse study

9x12 PWLH study 2012
9x12 PWLH study 2011
Perhaps one of my most frequently painted lighthouses, (I believe I am up to #6 now) I had the pleasure of visiting an old friend this weekend, Point Wilson Lighthouse, after dodging the annual rhodie parade and celebration. phone) is all I got. 

Since the forecast rain had somehow missed Port Townsend, I was blessed with perfect weather so retrieved my mini guerrilla paintbox (6x8 only 3 colors and raw umber) and painted again outside the lighthouse from a slightly different angle and was happy as a clam.
6x8 PWLH study 2014

   The motivating factor was not so much tp paint it but to get my lighthouse passport stamped which entails visiting the inside of the lighthouse, an event which only happens for 3 hours, once a week during the summer. I was so happy to finally get my stamp that it didn't occur to me that I would be going up the tower to an incredible view of all the surrounding islands. Since I don't paint from photos, I didn't have a camera so my recollection (and a very poor image taken with a 4 year old phone).

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tradition: Birthday out of town.

 It was birthday as usual... on the road, out of town, practicing my gypsy ways! It was like heading over the rainbow when I arrived at  RoozenGaarde as tulips of every color (and then some) where in bloom. 

painting the tulips 6x8 oil on linen
It was absolute eye candy for the artist I plotted a patch, out of the way and broasted in the 80+ degree record breaking temperatures beside the minimal shade of the windmill. I snuck a quick minimal study (6x8) with only raw umber, white and the primaries yellow, red, and blue. Not bad for a first attempt of the year. After a couple of hours painting my 1st plein air of the 2014 season, I closed my mini guerrilla box to go tip toe through the tulips. The day finished with good friends, good food and good memories. It was a happy birthday!