Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sneaky lil lilly

Lilly post arrangement 12x12 oil on canvas
   It was a lovely lone Lilly I added among the remaining flower arrangement that had past it's peak. While pulling faded blooms, I snuck in the  yard cutting that only had a day left on the vine... smelt up the entire sunroom-wow!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer of sunflower

Sunflower study #1 in progress 12x16 oil on canvas
   It my wanderings I adopted a new table perfect for my flower studies. What better way to break it in than with a new sunflower study? So I guess I am back onto my flower studies. Usually I don't paint sunflowers until end of summer but.. what the heck? So it begins...
sunflower #2 study 9x12 oil on canvas

Monday, July 21, 2014

Local cali-color

Cali lilies in progress
   Getting practice on flower painting I thought to challenge working in open air and it occurs to me... I haven't painted a cali lily and what an unusual shape they are! This work in progress at least keeps me in practice with nature's models.

The long and winding path

Dunes to Longbeach 6x8 oil on linen
   In a recent trip to paint lighthouses I had some down time to wait out a morning fog. Thinking I would test drive the materials while I waited, I retreated to the balcony to try and get the jest of what was between the ocean and I. As I was putting on the final details I spotted a deer making its way through the tall grasses- how I love my job!