Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Airport adventures

AV Fuel #1-4 x 8.5
gouache on watercolor moleskin paper
    Recently I have become more involved with the efforts of an artist named James Gurney. About a month ago I was gifted with a book about sketching that was written by him. I've always known who he was (visited his blog a few times)  but never delved too deeply in his artistic input. Then a week later I was directed to his blog on a post about a book he was reviewing that I have read twice. Days after that I was again directed by another friend to something else he was involved in and I thought, 'Okay 3x in 3 weeks, somebody is trying to tell me something,' so I took a deeper look.
   Longer story abbreviated, there was a challenge to paint in gouache of which he was showing many fine examples of realist artists who used this medium- I was intrigued. Then he threw out a theme for the gouache painting challenge (gas station) which got me inspired so I tried gouache for the 1st time in these two back to back studies... on the tarmac of the airport.
AV Fuel #2- 4 x 8.5 gouache on watercolor moleskin

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